Recording Blog: Making A Lightsaber

I really wanted to try to recreate this absolutely classic sound effect for a sound redesign I'm working on, and, as I found out, it's really really hard!

The way I've always read to achieve the sound is try sending a bunch of different source material, such as electrical hums or generators etc, and blast it through a speakers, whilst recording the output by swinging a microphone around in fornt of the speaker to get the doppler effect.

This whole session took me about an hour, and I'm quite happy that there's a definite increase in quality with each attempt! The main thing that kept on improving the sound was changing the source material that I was sending through the speaker. I still can't get that elusive 'wub'/'throb' of the original though... I'm going to keep trying different source material!

Below is a SoundCloud playlist of all of the attempts, a video of the 7th attempt, and a sound clip of the nasally throb sound that I'm yet to achieve.

Whilst I think attempt 7 is the closest, attempt 5 has some elements that attempt 7 is missing. I'm going to keep trying!

I'm also going to have to figure out how to make the sound of it clashing against things - I've heard they used dry ice for this!